David Palmer Ph.D.
Licensed Educational Psychologist (California BBSE Lic. # 2193)

My book has helped thousands of parents understand gifted testing and programming so that they can better work with the schools to find the right program for their child.

“A useful, ready reference for parents… presents the content in
an organized, even, and balanced manner … clear and simple”   
Suzanne M. Stauffer, Library Journal

Dr. Palmer is Licensed Educational Psychologist, award winning researcher, university lecturer, and frequent presenter at local, state, and national events. 

Dr. Palmer was recently featured as a commentator on the Discovery Health Channel's "My Kid's Smarter than Me"

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Recent Client Comments

"Thank you again for your insight.  You have been a tremendous help to us."

"Thanks to you we feel very informed and able to advocate for our daughter's best interests"

"...answers a lot of questions about our child's nature,  mind,  and personality."

"So interesting... thanks so much!"
 "You answered all our questions... 
it’s great to have someone like you
in the area."
 "You’ve really helped us understand our options...  thank you."

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Parent Comments...

... Really can't thank you enough for doing the assessments; it has really changed their lives for the better and the boys are rediscovering their loving of learning.

… After talking with a few friends that have had their kid's IQ tested, we are realizing exactly how GOOD you really are.  Their experiences have been very different from ours...they have received little or no information from the psychologist performing the test, the test itself wasn't particularly "fun" for the kids.  Thank you again for doing such a thorough job.  Of course we are telling all our friends about you, as well as recommending your book (which is also excellent). 


… A great help to our family...  Thanks to "Parents’ Guide to IQ Testing and Gifted Education" and a consultation with Dr. Palmer. , Our bright and talented daughter is back on track.  Based on Dr. Palmer’s recommendations, we were able to map out a better educational path, identify enrichment programs for her, and find ways to connect with other gifted children.  A year later, she has regained her love of learning.

… We were very impressed with Dave's entire organized and detailed approach. Dave took the time to establish rapport with our child prior to testing and bring out the best in our son. This allowed him to make appropriate recommendations that in our case mean the world to us. He answered our questions thoroughly, even anticipating questions we didn't know we had. Dave's fees were considerably less than others we spoke to. He came highly recommended from the Hoagies gifted children web site. It turned out the 800 miles we traveled to take advantage of his professional services were more than well worth it.


… My husband and I just want to inform you that (with your recommendations our son) seems very content now.  School does not mention "ADHD" anymore since his behavior has improved a great deal. Again, we appreciate your help.  We now understand more about his educational needs.  Thank you so much.


… Dave, Just thought that I would follow-up to let you know that we were just informed that (our daughter) would be placed in First Grade starting next week (skipping Kindergarten) by our local public elementary school. They have had her in Kindergarten since the start of the year evaluating her and have now decided to advance her. After your report last year, we placed both (girls) in outside classes that focused on Reading and Math and that really seems to have helped. While not as fast as I would have liked, I would have to commend the school for doing something that I know they very rarely do. In any event, thanks again for your help.


… Hi Dave, Your report, which came over the weekend, gave me important insight into the way his mind works and also provided me actionable recommendations to expand his learning opportunities. I appreciate your thoroughness.


… Hi Dave, I talked with the school this morning about the need for gifted ed plus accommodations for writing. Getting your report so quickly is really helping to get people moving before the end of the school year. His school counselor is being supportive so far on the writing accommodations and is checking in to his room placement for next year.


… Dave, I wanted to let you know that we had a very successful IEP meeting.  Thanks in large part to your comprehensive report, which was cited to on numerous occasions by the team, (our son) now has an IEP in place based on his health issues.  He will formally be receiving resource specialist support, occupational therapy for his fine motor / dysgraphia issues, and many of the classroom accommodations that you suggested.  (We) are greatly appreciative for your advice and help; all of these things should really give him the tools he needs to feel and be successful in school and to meet his potential.


… Thank you for all your help, support, and encouragement as we move together through this wonderful yet challenging journey.